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Web Design Trends That Will Rule In 2020

BY Admin November 28, 2019

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Hey fellas, 2020 is just a few days away. Apart from planning resolutions, it’s also the time to plan how to redesign your website to meet the growing demands of the designing world. Nope, nothing to lose control, as you don’t need to change everything. What you got to do it, pick the top web design trend as per your business type and implement it.

Without taking any more time, let us now discuss some design trends that are on the cards to make noise in the New Year, i.e. 2020.

1. Bold Typography

Over-sized letters are becoming popular like anything. Reason being, they help to make the design look simple yet elegant. Moreover, they bring attention, which obviously benefits the brand. How? When business name is written in huge letters and given a bold look, focus goes to it without a miss. When visitors remember the bold look, they are keen to keep it in their mind and come back again.

2. Asymmetric Layouts

Majority of the sites are grid-based, which refers to imaginary lines that keep the components of layout in order, on the page. Smart people know how broken grid along and design elements placed chaotically will become successful in 2020. What else? It will let them look unique from everyone else.

3. Background video

Admit it, be it any era, moving visuals in various formats and forms have never failed to impress us with their charm. Moving onto the coming time, background video will do the talking. Animation will keep the visitors engaged and make them stay for more than the usual time. After all, videos have their own way to hold the attention.

4. 3D Design

If movie and gaming industry were not enough to salute 3D graphics, web design too will go gaga over it and try its best to benefit from this proven technique. Being engaging, 3D designs meet the interest of the audience and convince them to spend longer duration than expected.

5. Custom Images

Custom drawings occupy space in the mind of the visitor, as they work wonders to display the brand identity. It can be said that when a user sees a custom image, no matter the number of websites he/she checks, that particular business website still remains inside his/her head. This way, his/her chance to come back again increases. Isn’t it a reliable way to boost the conversions and earn recognition?

6. Split Content

Beauty of this website designing technique is featuring multiple messages at the same time and that too in the same page. Without any question, it gives the website a clean, organized and professional feel.

7. Hidden navigation

Minimalism is going to be the leading trend in 2020 and hidden navigation is all about that. It helps to save enough space; hence, can be used on the site. Want to know the best part? It has the potential to make the design appear way clearer than possible.

8. Full-Screen Forms

Already said, huge typography is adored when it comes to look simple yet purposeful. Having said that, a contact form that occupies the whole screen can be created. And why? Because adding full-screen forms will be a fashion the coming year. Being on the homepage, site visitors will be able to submit forms easily and in a more simple way.

9. Parallax Web Design

Thank video games for originating this technique. The background moves at varying speeds while web page scrolling. This leads to the formation of pseudo-3D effect.

10. Voice User Interface

As the name says, it lets the users interact with a site via the voice commands. This trend has the potential to add functionality and usability. Along with this, it makes sure that all the elements of the site are easily accessible by people suffering from physical disabilities.


Though these are going to be the leading web design trends for the year 2020, they are not meant to be used together. Instead, you must choose the ones you think will suit your brand and bring the needed visibility & results. Rest everything will be taken care by the professional designers and developers they will hire. Agree? Don’t waste time and hire the right web design services company like us.