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Basics of Web Designing & Development

BY Admin March 25, 2020

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Web is the new buzzing space for all kinds of activities. Marketing, advertising, commerce, communication, research and branding, all have shifted to the world wide web. Internet has become a playground for all these activities and much more. Websites and webpages are locations on this huge webspace that facilitate communication between several players at various levels. Thus, it is important to give web design and development their due attention since they play the crucial role of representing you online.

First of all, it is imperative to eliminate any confusion between website design and website development as these are two separate concepts aimed at a single target: to capture the consumer.

Web Design and Web Development:

The basic idea is web design, it dictates how a website should look like focusing mainly on visual aesthetics and design elements. A web design generally looks after the layout, flow of information and multiple elements which decide how a particular webpage/website will appear to the user/consumer. Elements like logo, color schemes, graphics, typography, etc. are all components of a web design plan.

Web development however works from behind the scenes, it is more technical in its approach and uses coding to exhibit design. A web developer works according to client’s specification, developing the front and back-end of a website. Languages like PHP,, SQL, HTML are used to develop websites.

Combined, both these disciplines transform a website with a series of elements that enrich user experience. Interactive elements, buttons, graphics, illustrations, menus, scroll buttons and a host of other elements on the website are an integration of web design and web development. They together enhance the so-called ‘touch and feel’ of a website. Website design is actually a subset of the whole web development process and it usually paves the way for developers by giving them a rough idea and a basic design structure to proceed with the website building process.

Web Development Process:

Process of developing a website involves a team of professional designers, developers, clients and managers. It follows a definite work-flow to ensure a smooth and efficient integrated development environment. After a client’s specifications are noted, the research team analyses and makes a report on which the design team formulates a layout design of the website. If this layout is approved by the client, developers come in and make the website. In case of disapproval, the team goes back to the drawing board and tries to understand the client’s requirements again. Post development testing and deployment is done by maintenance and modifications.

A web development company has a team of developers, designers and writers which fulfill their respective roles and work together to produce the desired results. This whole process is called website development. A website is actually never fully complete, there are always changes and modifications which are dynamic with respect to the technological and marketing requirements.

The latest trends in web design include a more interactive approach and eye-pleasing visuals that entice anyone who visits your website. Groundbreaking technologies like new programing frameworks which make coding easier and elements which completely transform the digital space are also making their way in web development processes. Today, anyone can build a website without writing a single line of code. Businesses are hiring people who can design and develop websites. Such mavericks are in high demand as they form a close loop that connects end to end of website development process, i.e. from inception to the culmination of website development.